Specialty coffee

To round off our range at the top, we present you the finest specialty coffees in our shop - because the best coffees in the world deserve special attention. Only selected beans from the best growing areas in the world are used in our “King's Coffee Limited Roasts”. Attention: only while stocks last.

What is Specialty Coffee?

Quality you can taste

Specialty coffee refers to particularly high-quality raw coffee, which is characterized by unique aromas and high quality. The term has been established since the late 70s and the high standards of this "gourmet coffee" are protected by the "Specialty Coffee Association of America" ​​(SCAA). The coffee is analyzed and assessed by professional tasters (so-called Q-graders) based on 10 criteria. Only when coffee has a score of at least 80 points (on a scale up to 100) can it be designated as specialty coffee.

"We strive for perfection with our Limited Roasts"

- Alex & Hanno

How is Specialty Coffee made?

Traditional handicraft

In addition to the growing conditions, careful harvesting has the greatest impact on the final coffee taste. Neither green nor overripe black cherries should be picked for high quality coffee. Both would have a negative effect on the taste of the end product. This complex harvesting process is the essential basis for specialty coffee.

But not only the harvest is important for the development of the taste, several important steps must be observed before the coffee stock is prepared. There are generally two methods of separating the harvested coffee bean from the pulp of the cherry. The first method is the separation by sun drying (natural), the second method is washing the fruit (washed).


After the pulp has been removed, the coffee beans are sorted in a laborious manner. Only the best coffee beans remain, which are now ready to be refined in the drum roaster.