Your Home Barista

"You private home barista experience" - behind it there is a lot of passion for coffee, attention to detail and, above all, the unique enjoyment of coffee.

The story

About me: I'm Henrik, 27 years old, when I'm not enjoying my espresso and indulging in my passion for baristas, I like to do sports and travel. As an espresso lover and always looking for the “perfect espresso”, I often travel to Italy. The unique taste, the variety of aromas and the flair of the Italian bars fascinate me every time. Back in Germany, the good memories stayed, but I always missed the delicious espresso and the “smell” of freshly ground beans.

So I decided to bring home a piece of “dolce vita” - an original Italian portafilter machine.
A passion turned into a hobby, out of fascination a lifestyle of its own that accompanies my everyday life. A good start to the day begins with a delicious espresso!
Whether espresso, cappuccino with latte art or other cool coffee creations, with a portafilter machine, this is also very easy at home with a few tricks. Today I can proudly say that I have already convinced some of my friends to buy a portafilter machine and that they are still very enthusiastic.

"Everything stands or falls with the beans. If the quality does not match here, even the best barista in the world cannot conjure up anything good"  

- Henrik, Your Private Home Barista

The fascination

“Wine” has always fascinated me with its over 400 different aromas, but when I found out that coffee contains up to 800 different aromas, I was very impressed. As a barista, the art of getting the best out of every bean fascinates me every day. To see, smell and taste the power nature can develop in a small coffee bean still fascinates me today.

The mission

Sustainability is important to us, which is why we want to change the coffee industry, with the clear goal of making as many areas of the coffee business as possible sustainable. In particular, we want to improve the living conditions of coffee farmers in the growing countries and at the same time bring your coffee enjoyment to a new level!
We see sustainability as an opportunity to make the coffee world a little bit better.

You can support the world - "Drink premium coffee and make the world better".

The idea

I would like to share my passion for espresso and the experience of the right Italian preparation with you and many other “coffee lovers”.
"Your private home barista experience" comes to your home. We'll show you everything to do with the right way to prepare coffee on an original Italian portafilter machine and make you a “home barista”. Haven't you found the right espresso for you yet? Espresso is very diverse and you can influence the taste yourself. From sweet to fruity to chocolaty and nutty everything is included.

Benefits & service at a glance


Every single "Barista Experience" is personal and tailored to your needs


No large groups, as usual, but small, private groups at your home! You decide for yourself which of your friends should take part in “your barista experience”. We focus on a lot of knowledge and a high level of practical experience.

"All inclusive service"

We bring everything to you, so you can fully focus on the experience and don't have to worry about anything. This includes the original Italian portafilter machine, professional grinder and matching accessories.

Barista & Friends

You are also welcome to ask us about your experience at any time on everything to do with espresso preparation and portafilter machines.


We only use high quality organic milk and local water from southern Germany and Austria.
In short: Your local barista espresso dealer!

"Your taste experience around coffee will be raised to a new level and thanks to your help you will support the coffee farmers in the growing countries."

- Henrik, Your Private Home Barista

Good to know


Because sustainability is important to us and we want to improve the situation of coffee farmers in the growing countries. We donate € 5 per participant to improve the situation in the growing countries and to reduce social costs.


Do you want to offer your guests cool coffee creations in connection with a barista show at your event (wedding, birthday, etc.)? With us you are exactly right.

Office life

Tired of the boring fully automatic coffee machine or the capsule machine in your office? The coffee tastes the same every day and not really good? In addition, harmful bacteria and germs lurk here. Just contact us and we will show you various solutions on how we can change that.
True to the motto “Be your own barista in the office”.

For that special moment: King's Coffee

For high-quality coffee creations and for that special taste experience, I rely on the roasts from King's Coffee. Here I find all the qualities that I want in a good coffee: full taste, dense crema and fine chocolate and nut aromas that harmonize perfectly with the milk foam.  

Diverse & unusual

With the help of the multifaceted roasts of King's Coffee, I conjure up the finest coffee creations for you. From classic ...

... about refined and new ...

... to crazy and fancy ...

... there is something for every taste. The imagination knows no limits!


Then I look forward to your non-binding inquiry using the contact form below or via the website

You can also find me on Instagram under "yourhomebarista"

Let's take your coffee enjoyment to the next level together. I look forward to you all!

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