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Become a barista now - book a course with a professional

"Your private home barista experience" comes to your home. We'll show you everything to do with the right way to prepare coffee on an original Italian portafilter machine and make you a “home barista”. Haven't you found the right espresso for you yet? Espresso is very diverse and you can influence the taste yourself. From sweet to fruity to chocolaty and nutty everything is included.

"It's crazy what you can conjure up with coffee. There are really no limits to your imagination."

- Henrik, Your Private Home Barista

Coffee knowledge

Your coffee magazine - everything you need to know about brown beans

We take you on a journey to the best types of coffee in the world. From cultivation and harvest to preparation and preparation, we bring you all the important information about brown gold.

"Preparing good coffee is not difficult. But the basics just have to be right."

- Hanno


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