Specialty coffees

The highest quality coffee quality is achieved by hand picking in several harvests. Only the ripe coffee cherries are harvested here. In contrast, machine harvesting only takes place at one point in time. As a result, these coffees cannot keep up with the quality of the selectively harvested coffee, as the quality is reduced by unripe beans.
Depending on the region of origin, the soil conditions and the type of cultivation, the coffee beans have different, sour, fruity aromas.

In addition to the growing conditions, careful harvesting has the greatest impact on the final taste of the coffee. During the coffee harvest, it would be optimal to only pick the red fruits. Neither green nor overripe black cherries should be picked for high quality coffee. Both would have a negative effect on the taste of the end product. After the cherries have been harvested, they are ideally processed within five hours. If this does not happen, there will already be a loss of aroma due to the start of fermentation. However, coffee cherries do not ripen at the same time within an area, but rather spread over a period of two to three months. Picking by hand takes a long time and is physically demanding. The coffee bush usually grows on steep slopes or in the shady forest, which makes manual picking considerably more difficult. This laborious harvesting process in particular is the essential basis for specialty coffee.
Ultimately, it is not only the harvest that is important for the development of the taste, there are also several important steps to consider before the coffee stock is prepared. There are generally two methods of separating the harvested coffee bean from the pulp of the cherry. The first method is the separation by sun drying (natural) the other method to separate the pulp from the core is washing the fruit.

Ultimately, the coffee must be stored and shipped in a dry, cool place in order to refine it with an adequate and lovingly gentle roast. Only if all these steps are carried out responsibly will coffee lovers be able to immerse themselves in the diverse world of flavors of specialty coffee.