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Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of coffee and discover our fine espresso and coffee blends.

With us you will find the best Arabica and Robusta beans, put together into unique mixtures and refined in the drum roaster.

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"Coffee as it should be: freshly roasted, full-bodied and damn tasty"

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King's Coffee

"A pleasure for every day that is anything but everyday"

Customer Reviews

"This coffee is an absolute highlight. You simply notice the quality with every sip. Not to be compared with the mass-produced products from the supermarket."

Bianca D.

"The espresso was very intense, not bitter, but with a chocolate finish - just like in our favorite Italian restaurant. Mega tasty."

Hannes K.

"The coffee is delicious.
The composition of Arabica and Robusta beans is balanced and harmonizes perfectly. The first espresso that really convinces me. "

Catherine M.

Coffee knowledge

Specialty coffees

The highest quality coffee quality is achieved by hand picking in several harvests. Only the most mature coffee brewers are ...

Types of coffee

The coffee plant is originally an indigenous plant of the rainforest in the sub-Saharan region. It belongs to the genus Coffea and is considered the ...

Growing areas and the coffee belt

Coffee grows around the globe in the so-called coffee belt. It extends north and south of the equator between the 25th parallel. W ...